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We are now offering some of our popular golf schools for 2024 and all should be listed shortly. However there may be a few more added depending upon demand. In addition to our regular schools with the very popular Denise Hastings we will be adding a some more schools hosted by other golf professionals from different parts of the country. Keep a look out for dates and opportunities which might suit your calendar
Many golfers will think nothing of spending £500/600 on today's new driver or golf aid. However, an investment in attending one of our golf schools, hosted by expert coaches may reap better rewards. Our PGA qualified instructors work with all standards of players to ensure that they develop an understanding and an improvement in all areas of their game. No matter whether you are a novice, a good mid- range golfer or a low handicap player, your tuition will be specifically directed to helping you to improve your golf. We have a choice of destinations and golf resorts throughout the year.
Call us 01604 633633 to find out which one would be best suited to your game.

Travel is now getting back to normality after a very difficult period and we would like to thank you all for your loyalty, good wishes, understanding and patienceThings are looking much brighter now and we are looking forward to better, more normal days, where you can fly off to the sun and enjoy one of our golf schools.

Our Director of Golf, Denise Hastings  can hardly wait to get started again and we have already have her first few tuition events of the season available. As you probably already know Denise was granted Honorary Membership of the PGA in March 2017 and followed on from that honour by attaining the ranking of  PGA Advanced Fellow Professional. 
Tarleton Golf are extremely proud of their long association with Denise and would recommend her skills and talents to male & female golfers alike. 


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